WaterMicronWorld, the world’s leading supplier of Atmospheric Water Generators looking at Middle East expansion. WaterMicronWorld, Ltd plans to introduce their newly patented water generation Flow Innovation Technology, with a Regional Head Office and light assembly facilities intended within the GCC.
WaterMicronWorld (WMW) is the world’s leading supplier of Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG’s), directly and as an OEM operator, supplying over 70% of the AWG market. Atmospheric Water Generation is based on producing water from the humidity in the air.
WMW is now delighted to announce the launch of their new water generation Flow Innovation Technology. WMW has developed the latest cutting edge technology in water generation, which is set to revolutionize the water generation industry of AWG, and can now produce Pure Drinking Water without “Humidity”.
WMW has already patented the technology and showcased our technology in front of the United Nationals and World Health Organization, amongst others and are now ready to bring it to the Middle East market. Initial discussions with several Governmental Agencies around the world have been very encouraging with potentials orders of between $35 -$200m are currently under discussion, including setting up a water generation plant to supply water to Tanjong Agas Oil & Gas project in Malaysia.
It’s a home-grown technology that many say could be bigger than Biofuels. It has the potential to be the next “billion dollar industry”….
During the launch reception held at their offices yesterday Mr.Rodriguez President of Water Micron World explained, “Currently the GCC has the lowest recoverable fresh water resource in the MEA Region, with only 3 cu per km. At The Earth Summit 2012 in Rio special attention was drawn to the fact that by 2025 water shortages will be most prevalent, where resources are already limited, and experiencing rapid population expansion such as Africa, the Middle East and parts of Africa. With the introduction of this new technology, we are in a position to provide a cost effective solution to help combat the growing water shortage across the Region”.
Keeping this in mind, WMW is keen to develop its business across the Middle East Region with a strong local partner. Rodriguez further revealed “the business and revenue potential is huge, from setting up a large scale water generation plant producing millions of liters per day with Government support to increase water capacity to the current water supply. Or imagine working with master developers to provide an eco-friendly and green alternative, generating water supply for the new developments without putting an additional stress on current supplies. We could even supply smaller scale water generation units producing 600 liters per day for individual households. Our technology provides us the ability to be flexible in providing water generating systems starting from 100 liters a day capacity for individual use, all the way up to large scale water generation plants producing millions of liters a day. The opportunities are endless”, he concluded.
For further details contact: info@watermicronworld.com. http://www.watermicronworld.com